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How to increase employee engagement with help from technology

When it comes to increasing employee and candidate engagement, not much else is as effective as technology when utilised correctly. The jobs of today are more machine-powered and data driven than ever before, and this can be used in your favour to improve your employer brand, as well as creating a happy, productive and engaged workforce.

Source the right candidates with technology

Create the most compelling job offer by utilising technology. Identify who your ideal candidate is and research what they’re looking for. Use a data driven recruitment approach to find out exactly which type of person will fit your organisation’s culture, and which person you need to propel business growth. From candidate habits to trends in productivity, there’s a wealth of information available, you just need to know how to harness it.

Research competitors

There’s no longer any need to make estimates or guesses on important decisions. Now with a plethora of data out there, you can rely on information to make calculated choices. Find out where you stand compared to competitors and what differentiators are offered by them such as salary, compensation and benefits. Knowing these details before you begin engaging with candidates will allow you to tailor your job description to increase interest and acceptance rates.

Why you need to increase your technology capabilities

Despite the majority of businesses being aware that digital transformation is on their doorstep, a surprisingly low number of firms that have taken action. In this year’s Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends survey, when those surveyed were asked to rate their recruitment functions, only 6% believed they had best-in-class processes and technology. Knowing which functions and software to use can drastically increase your ability to engage talent, which also helps create a better overall EVP. One of the biggest challenges that Deloitte identified this year, was the need to improve employee experience, with 84% of its survey’s respondents rating this issue as important and 28% identifying it as one of the three most urgent pain points facing their organisation in 2019.

How to increase employee engagement with technology

There are numerous ways that technology can help you engage talent. From creating a greater sense of belonging to removing mundane tasks and enabling employees to focus on creative and high value work - by using the latest AI and tech, you can build and develop a more engaged and productive workforce.

Social media sites are fantastic platforms to engage both prospective candidates and existing employees. Capture the attention of passive talent, which is often the most valuable type of worker, and nurture them from the very beginning of the recruitment journey. By creating and sharing compelling content online, you can ensure that your firm stays top of mind and also develop your employer brand in the process. This is a fantastic place to push out your firm’s values and promote what your business stands for. It’s also a great place to make team members feel connected and a platform where they can share news with their connections too.

What are the benefits on using technology?

When looking for the best talent for your business, it’s important to focus on the things that really matter - like building relationships with candidates. Thanks to technology and AI, time-consuming and repetitive tasks like admin have been automated, giving your team more time to spend on more valuable tasks. This of course creates a more efficient process and helps you recruit the best team members.

Machine learning has been developed to assist you in making more informed and safer decisions. This will help you avoid mistakes during the recruitment process and accruing costs that come with bad hires.

Technology can also help with creating and developing an employee value proposition. From designing a dedicated careers page to social media campaigns, you can keep your talent pools engaged. With a large proportion of the workforce now millennials, which are known to be passionate about all things digital, being seen as a tech savvy company can also be the differentiator in winning over candidates.

If you’d like to find out more on how to increase employee engagement with technology, get in touch today.