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Recruitment health-check: What you need to get right

As technology, AI and changing attitudes towards work constantly drive change in talent acquisition, it’s important that businesses conduct regular recruitment health-checks and ensure that their processes are fit for the modern workforce and delivering the desired results. Too often, companies rely on their existing methods, and although this may provide you with some great candidates, this is not the best way to achieve maximum growth and attain the best employees. Here are the major factors that you must consider while analysing your recruitment processes.

Review existing processes

Firstly, businesses must review their existing processes. By speaking to the hiring managers, companies can find out whether their current systems are effective and delivering the results the company need. Outline all the steps that form the current recruitment process from engaging external talent to onboarding, and assess how successful these are. Change cannot be made and costs cannot be cut until there is an in-depth understanding of the existing system. Doing this will allow you to identify all opportunities to streamline and standardise current FTE approval and ensure candidates always receive a great and consistent service.

Company website

All firms that want to attract top talent must prioritise creating a company website which is tailored with the candidate experience in mind. There’s no doubt that highly-skilled applicants will be pursued by a number of businesses, so it’s important that all the information about why your company will be the best employer is easily found online. With the majority of candidates now researching a company thoroughly before accepting an offer, all details about the firm should be easily accessible. The current workforce is increasingly seeking firms which have values that align with their own, so ensure that all messaging regarding culture, brand ethos and diversity & inclusion are clear.

Attract direct sources

A strong, user-friendly website with the candidate in mind can be a fantastic method of attracting direct sources. Boosting the number of people who come to you without the help of an agency is certainly something that all businesses should be trying to achieve. Not only will this reduce recruitment costs, it will also likely result in better suited candidates for the company. As direct applicants already have found and researched your brand, it’s likely that they will stay longer with the company and progress. Another way of attracting more direct sources is developing your Employer Value Proposition (EVP). At a time when people are looking for greater work-life balance, offering opportunities for flexibility as part of your EVP can improve your chances of engaging more applicants. To find out more about attracting direct sources, you can read our in-depth blog here.

Identify which incumbent suppliers are important

As part of your recruitment health-check, it’s vital to identify which incumbent supplier are important for business growth. Often, businesses may need assistance in getting up and running, but after a while many find that they are able to build the capabilities internally and take matters into their own hands. That’s why it’s crucial to keep on top of recruitment agency usage and identify what is driving results and when external help is no longer needed.

How Consult Inhouse can help you simplify the recruitment process

At Consult Inhouse, our purpose is to help you hire top talent required to fulfil your company objectives, but in doing so, we encourage you to think differently about your recruitment function. We aim to eliminate the recruitment challenges and pain points faced by businesses by providing a smarter approach to talent acquisition. We provide a platform of best-in-class services, meaningful information & deep insights to turbocharge your talent hiring strategy.

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