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Why recruitment process review is the first step to talent acquisition success

With many CEOs and HR leaders pressed for time, it’s understandable that recruitment process reviews can slip to the bottom of the to-do-list. However, revisiting your procedures frequently and analysing their effectiveness will reveal areas for development and growth. Although methods may have been successful when first introduced, it’s important not to assume that they always will be. Formal and honest evaluations can elevate your talent strategy and massively impact your bottom line. Here’s how and why you should introduce frequent reviews to your business.

Most in-house recruitment processes aren’t effective

Developing a strategic hiring strategy and finding high-quality candidates can be time-consuming and costly if not approached right. Due to time constraints and a lack of resources, many businesses often outsource this step to external recruitment agencies. However, this can be the wrong move, as it can create additional costs, and risks the process losing its personal feel and becoming more formulaic. In fact, according to AnyGood?’s ‘Trust in Recruitment’ campaign, 52% of people that have used recruitment agencies in the last year didn’t feel they were dealt with honestly and a further 90% of respondents cited that they did not trust agencies with “making sure the job is right’’ for them. It’s important to not lose sight of the fact that an ineffective recruitment process can be detrimental to your employer brand. As such it’s absolutely crucial to not only initially review processes, but also to do so on an on-going basis to continually identify any problem areas that can be improved. But how?

Recruitment process review: The strategic talent acquisition roadmap

We’ve devised a comprehensive talent acquisition roadmap to help businesses transform their hiring methods from ‘traditional’ to ‘strategic’. A lot of firms are still operating with little planning or thought of long-term goals, and simply doing what they always have. However, with the advancements of technology and big data available, this needs to change. Businesses are now privileged in being able to take a more calculated and scientific approach to their hiring, and every company should capitalise on this.

For example, there is no need to ‘post and pray’ in this day and age. Instead businesses should be moving towards more modern techniques such as data driven decision making. Utilising this can take you from the ‘developing’ stage of posting jobs on niche boards and social platforms, to a ‘strategic’ position where you are making use of advanced talent segmentation and prioritisation. Or perhaps you find that you are sourcing skills only in a reactive manner, and need assistance to find skilled employees. If you are aware that you are in this position, by following the talent acquisition roadmap, you will be better able to identify where you need to build your internal capabilities to focus on passive talent. It’s then possible to increase your in-house sourcing capabilities with proactive pipelining and then progress to team-wide pipelining with engaged talent communities. Being honest about your current approach and remaining active will allow you to take the steps towards more efficient talent acquisition.

The benefits

It’s no secret that the HR function hasn’t historically been seen as strategic, however the recruitment process review is a great place to start changing this incorrect perception. Business functions are a critical element for company growth, and keeping things in order, refreshed and streamlined will allow for further progress.

Following a comprehensive recruitment process review, you will have a more strategic approach to attracting candidates and becoming more self-sufficient. Crucially, using insight from the review will allow you to be more independent and reduce reliance on third-party agencies. This of course will also cut your costs, and with external recruitment fees now as much as 30% of an employee’s annual salary, this is certainly something that should be a top business priority.

Talent acquisition shouldn’t be seen as a burdensome task, and with the right resources at hand, hiring can be turned from a cost to a profit centre. Efficient procedures will allow you to find skilled candidates that will provide a high return on investment and enable innovation. Take things into your own hands today and develop your employer brand with the help of a process review

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