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Recruitment health-check: What you need to get right

As technology, AI and changing attitudes towards work constantly drive change in talent acquisition, it’s important that businesses conduct regular recruitment health-checks and ensure that their

Recruitment is not over when the new person starts: Why onboarding matters

Good recruitment is not just about finding the right person for the role. It also includes helping the new employee become a productive member of the team quickly and ensuring they stay around.

How can you guarantee recruitment compliance in 2020?

Going above and beyond to ensure that your firm is compliant throughout the recruitment process is a necessity. You may remember the infamous case a few years back of a Swedish pilot who flew

How to boost diversity? Tap into underutilised talent pools

Building a diverse and inclusive workforce has crept to the top of most businesses’ priorities list. That’s because, around the world, across all sectors, leading companies have noticed how much

Achieving efficiencies in the assessment process

We have previously written on the power of employer brand, which is communicated through the entire recruitment lifecycle – and candidate assessment is no exception. Efficient processes not only

Closing the gender pay gap in SMEs: What you need to do

Following countless studies, we have now accepted that closing the gender pay gap is not only ethical, but hugely beneficial to businesses too. However, despite ongoing conversations across the

How to build an effective talent pipeline

The days are gone where you could just post and pray, seek staff when someone left or count on luck to find the best employees. In today’s competitive and skill short market, you must think one

Why employers need workplace flexibility

A secure, office-based, nine-to-five job was once considered to be the best working position to be in, and for many, the ultimate or only goal. However, today millennials, gen Z and baby boomers

How to increase employee engagement with help from technology

When it comes to increasing employee and candidate engagement, not much else is as effective as technology when utilised correctly. The jobs of today are more machine-powered and data driven than

What are the benefits of data driven recruitment?

Data driven recruitment is on the rise – and for very good reasons. You may have heard of this term as people, talent or HR analytics, but essentially, they all mean the same thing - the

Improving efficiencies in recruitment – Saving time, money and quality

An efficient recruitment process significantly increases your capability for finding high-quality talent and the right people to help you achieve business growth. However, due to it often being

In-house vs. agency recruitment

The success of any business can be linked directly to both the quality and volume of talent it possesses. However, accessing and securing skills that will propel a venture to the next level can

IR35 changes are coming – What business leaders need to know now

Businesses in the private sector that work with contractors have until April 2020 to become fully familiar and compliant with the updated off payroll rules in the private sector (IR35). Although

Getting a handle on recruitment agency spend (Recruitment Solutions)

Investing in talent is crucial to set your company up for business growth. The right hires will strengthen your existing foundations by bringing in vital skills and fresh perspectives. However,

What are the benefits of talent mapping?

Identifying your talent needs for today is not enough. You need to be able to predict your future challenges and prepare solutions. Knowing how to utilise talent mapping will allow you to do this,

Why candidate experience really matters

In today’s candidate led market, job seekers should be treated more like consumers and businesses need to strive for high levels of candidate satisfaction, like they do with customers. The chances

Implementing an employee referral scheme – the fast track to top talent

Did you know that 88% of employers said that referrals are the number one source for above-average applicants? There are, of course, many fantastic ways to attract top talent, but none have quite

Why passive candidates are valuable and how to source them

Around 70% of the global workforce is made up of passive candidates who aren’t currently job searching. This enormous and extremely valuable talent pool is often underutilised during recruitment

Talent Acquisition in the Digital Age

According to the REC’s annual Recruitment Industry Trends report for 2017/18, the talent acquisition sector’s current worth is over £35 billion to the UK economy, showing how much advancement

Avoiding costly mistakes when rapidly growing headcount

Rapidly growing headcount because of business growth is generally considered positive, however, this period opens businesses up to vulnerability through rash hiring decisions. During this